Views about MIHS by Sameera Areemas

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Views about MIHS:

I have been serving in Margalla institute of health sciences, physiotherapy department since 2016; serving at MIHS has been a unique experience. The environment of collaboration among the faculty has been encouraging as the faculty has always been very caring and respectful towards each other. I praise MIHS for its success at appropriate course distribution among faculty in addition to workload as well as discipline among faculty and students. MIHS has many good features making it a better institution than others, however there is always room for improvement. There is no reason why MIHS should not be par excellence among the existing institutes in Rwp/Isb. There are some valid concerns which if addressed would greatly improve the quality of teaching much to the student and faculty satisfaction. Summers are unbearable and the availability of inverters would provide relief. The building seems old and needs renovation. New projectors screens and comfortable seating for the students are important considerations to be addressed

 For any institution, the faculty is pivotal therefore important consideration in this regard would be to ensure their promotion on regular basis and provision of annual increment on their salary. Timely release of salary at the start of the new month must be ensured, delay in salary is the violation of basic human right. Appreciation of the faculty and the above would all reflect MIHS to shine even brighter than it is at present. 

I have been proud to be a part of faculty and to serve at MIHS.


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