Vice Chancellor Message for Fatima Jinnah Medical University

Atif Ilyas April 12, 2020 No Comments

Vice Chancellor Message for Fatima Jinnah Medical University

For 1st Year MBBS

As the first regular Vice Chancellor of Fatima Jinnah Medical University, I hereby take the opportunity to welcome the Batch of 2018 – 2019 on behalf of the whole university family. Welcome to a great institution,the alma mater of your medical career with utmost pride, I shall ascertain that you have now been enrolled in an institution which has given birth to some of the most conscientious and hardworking doctors who have left no stone unturned to serve their people and society. I have absolute sincere appreciation for all the endless endeavors you have under taken to make this far. I am surethese efforts will pay you back when you will step outside the gates of FJMU as qualified doctors. Through this profession you can earn respect & honour in this world and through quality service to ailing humanity success in life hereafter.

FJMU is served by a team of highly learned professionals who have always strived to inculcate the true spirit of serving humanity in students.  I assure you my faculty will always be there to support, nurture and protect you during this adventurous journey which you have embarked upon yourselves. Consider them no less than your guardians in every aspect.

As time passes by, the university life shall unravel upon you the wonders of studying in an institution with magnificent history of 68 yrs.Here, at FJMU, you will be introduced to the vast, ever-expanding world of medicine. I hope you will work to the best of your abilities to bring out the best in you and be a source of pride for FJMU.We expect the graduate of this institution always demonstrate responsible behaviour &spirit of public service.

Keeping in mind the needs of the technologically developing world, we have an e-library working in the university for last 5 years and this service is helping students to keep pace with advancing techniques. There is a skills lab to help students practice the clinical skills and procedures performed in ward in daily routine. My predecessor Prof. Fakhar Imam & Prof. Aamir Zaman Khan have immense contributions for this institution. The current academic council is striving to make this institution a world class university.

Extracurricular activities are always encouraged at FJMU. Students are motivated to take part in sports and other co and extracurricular activities, so that their personalities are polished in every aspect.

Welfare of the students is the first priority at FJMU. Besides, the hostel issues are constantly addressed. Trust me, Insha Allah, living in FJMU hostels will be an experience to be cherished throughout your life.

Strive with perseverance and explore the land of opportunities that lies ahead of you. Wishing you the very best that life can offer. May Allah’s blessings be with all of you at all time.

Prof. Dr. Aamir Zaman Khan