MIHS by Misbah Ali

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Before writing anything about MIHS, I must let you know about my personal experience.

After I finished my M.PHILL and I came back home from Lahore it was very difficult for me to decide where to start my job . Then one day I went to margalla to drop my cv. After one week or so I got the call from Arshad sahib about the interview.

I joined margalla in 2012 n its been 7 years I have been here.

Margalla is a place where environment is very comfortable. The chairman is very kind and he takes part in all the affairs of college and his efforts can be seen in every aspect. He is a very good administrator.

The principal is very learned and experienced person. He is very hard working and always seems busy in improving college and solving issues related to

academic, faculty, students and administration.

Whenever there is any problem or issue all the faculty and admin work collectively.

There is no leg pulling.

Apart from academics related to BDS, D-Pharmacy ,and Physiotherapy other activities

also go side by side e.g sports week, various workshops of medical education, cpc’s on

monthly basis, dental campus ,free dental checkups etc. In addition, research projects

have also been started this year. Online classes on zoom are also conducted these days.

The best thing about this college is that whenever there is any problem faced by any

faculty member he/she can discuss it with high authority very comfortably. May Allah flourish this institute.

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