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A university is a place where one enters with a dream to become professional and serve his nation/country. I live in a 3rd world country and feel proud or lucky enough to be a part of less than 2% population of my country to earn professional degree. 

My name is Dr. Waheed Ahmed Khan and by profession I’m a Dentist. Being a professional, I want to serve my country and bring different health changes, through which people can improve their heath standers. 

To become a professional, selection of institute always matter and it’s very tough for me to select between different institutes. After too much over thinking my final decision was Margalla Institute of Health Sciences. This institute is the one, which improves my professional dentistry skills and brings me up in the line of finest professionals by repeating his history. 

Most of the time I came across with a question, why MIHS? My answer is always the same, there are so many reasons to choose MIHS but I’d like to mention few: 1- Best place to improve and learn professional dentistry skills. 2- Best teaching and technical staff. 3- History of bringing farword finest dental surgeons like Dr. Farheen, Prof. Dr. Adnan Aslam, Prof. Dr. Sami Qadir, Dr. Sayed Hammad Hassan Shah, Dr. Amjad Mahmood, Dr. Shakir and cherry on the top Dr. Abdul Qadir founder of this institute. 

Institutional environment plays and important role in your academic life and as well in professional life. Friendly behavior of teachers and staff brings confidence in every student to achieve academic and professional goals. To bring the more confidence in their students, MIHS always come up with different extracurricular and professional events. Where students can show their skills and groom themselves. 

My best wishes are with MIHS. 

Dr. Waheed Ahmed Khan

Dental Surgeon


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