MIHS by Dr. Saba Farooq

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For others it may be just an institution but for me it was dreams come true. Way back in the year 1998,  this coveted institution was established in a splendid building in Islamabad. I was fortunate enough to join in its Pioneer batch with many other students.
Dr. Abdul Qadir who is the founder, nourished this plant with his sweat and blood. He is such a dedicated person that with his untiring efforts and futuristic approach, it turned out to be a fully grown tree. Dr. Abdul Qadir always used to be in quest of more and more Improvement. He mustered a team of die-hard Professionals in the faculty, which was being headed by Major General Noor Hussain. He is a legendary figure amongst the dental surgeons fraternity. General Noor’s polite yet firm attitude in teaching always motivated the class. Besides, we could always discuss any matter or problem (personal or academic) with him at any time.
Dr. Abdul Qadir who in his dedicated efforts continued developing the institution, thus bringing its name in the top medical institutions of the country.
Then in 2002 the college was shifted to its present location, Gulraiz in Rawalpindi. Facing many challenges it continued striving towards excellence and very soon it became a landmark in the series of medical colleges.
I am fortunate to join the institution as one of the faculty member. This singular honor gives me an impetus in learning and teaching.
Our principal Dr. Amjad Mahmood who himself is a distinguished personality with high qualifications and rich experience is a blessing for the institution. His timely counseling and advice coupled with superb guidance in the field of academics,leaves very less to imagination.
The MIHS also houses the College of Pharmacy and Physiotherapy with a number of students in each and having experienced and qualified instructors.
It was all possible certainly due to the devotion, dedication and above all Keen interest of our Chairman, Vice-chairman, Principal and HODs with other faculty members that the institution now stands tall among contemporary medical colleges.
For me it will always remain a mother institution, which gave me so much of confidence, professional acumen and a high sense of responsibility. I not only value them but carry them along very proudly.
MIHS is like a second home to me and I can take pride in being part of this well knit family. I will always remain indebted to The Honorable Chairman, worthy Principal and all my Colleagues to be utmost kind and considerate.
In the end, I would very earnestly pray to Almighty Allah to continue bestowing HIS immense blessings on this institution to prosper with God speed and have a smooth sailing, Ameen.
Dr. Saba Farooq
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