Life at MIHS by  Dr. Mehwish Pasha

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Life at MIHS by  Dr. Mehwish Pasha

Life at MIHS

I was never the type of person who takes anything lightly. Hence my very first teaching job after completing M.Phil. in Dental Materials was something that I was extremely serious and of course, nervous about. I have not spent a lot of time here, but in the span of two small months Margalla Institute has been a gracious host. 

My colleagues are anything but welcoming and supportive. The staff is understanding and accommodating. Granted that every Institute have their own merits and demerits, but what I admire most about this college are the diverse range of faculty members. From well-known clinicians to those like me who are just about to embark upon their journey, Margalla accommodates everyone. Here I would also like to commend my colleagues in Dental Materials department as well. Even with little experience my suggestions are never considered unwise. There is a constant room for learning, growth and dialog on how the department can be further improved. 

Drawing from our own experience as a student, understanding what we lacked and providing it for our students is the force that drives me to be a good teacher and I would like to thank Margalla Institute of Health Sciences to have given me chance to prove myself as one in time to come, Insha’Allah.



 Dr. Mehwish Pasha

Senior Lecturer 

Dental Materials



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