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Margalla Institute of Health Sciences (MIHS) is a professional institution located amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Rawalpindi.
This instiution holds a special place in my heart since I am dental professional trained by this institute and I have many many fond memories of my time spent here. Currently I am working as a demonstrator here at MIHS, imparting dental education to the new undergraduates and training them to achieve excellence in the profession.
MIHS offers an international standard of education to help prepare the students for the future and to ensure that they obtain all of the credentials required to take achieve their career goals.
The college is proud to have had many of their students go on to complete post-graduate degree educations and are now working in hospitals and dental clinics worldwide.
MIHS houses modern, attractive, and state of the art lecture theaters, auditoriums, dissection halls, laboratories and more.
Along with our educational departments, our campus also contains a technology driven IT computer lab, an extremely well equipped library with online access to all the medical and dental journals along with outpatient clinics for didactic training and procedures in dentistry.
The teaching staff at MIHS is comprised of renowned doctors, surgeons, dentists, and professors who offer students an in-depth level of education to prepare them for successful careers across the spectrum of dentistry, physiotherapy and pharmacy.
In addition to the college campus, MIHS also has Margalla General Hospital located at Pir Wadhai, the hospital is well equipped and boasts state of the art equipment. It can provide healthcare services of international standard to the patients
MIHS also has a dental hospital with state of the art technology and latest world class dental equipment. The hospital is fully capable to provide quality dental procedures like scaling & polishing,fillings,root canals,extractions, crown & bridges, dentures and other major dental treatments to the community.
Margalla Institute of Health Sciences is committed in its pursuit of excellence to provide the best academic facilities and atmosphere for the students and is proud to have many of its graduates now working in high-level positions in the US, UK, and numerous other locations around the world.

At MIHS, the mission is to train future healthcare leaders who set new standards in knowledge, caring and compassion in the field of dentistry.

Dr khadija khalid
Pharmacology department

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