Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Prof. Dr. Atif Mahmood

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Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Prof. Dr. Atif Mahmood

My name is Prof. Dr. Atif Mahmood and my association with Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Mirpurkhas is now 6 years that is from December 2013 till date. I have witnessed the tough times as well as the good times of the college and have the privilege to serve BDMC at many administrative posts as well. Initially appointed as Head, Department of Physiology and then working my way to Vice Principal of the college and student affairs for some time and currently to Director QEC and R&D and as Incharge, Library.

BDMC is one of those colleges which are serving the underprivileged community of Mirpurkhas and it is the first dental college of the city which was established in 2010. Mirpurkhas has been the divisional headquarter and is the gateway to the interior of Sindh which makes the location of college very critical for those patients who had to travel to Hyderabad or Karachi for advance treatments. Similarly, those students who had to travel to Hyderabad for dental studies and those postgraduate candidates who were forced to serve in the urban Sindh away from the families got an opportunity in the form of Bhitai Dental Hospital, Bhitai Welfare Hospital and Bhitai Dental and Medical college Hospital in the center of the city to work near their homes.

The department of Physiology at BDMC is equipped with state of art equipment particularly in its laboratory and can compete with any department in urban setting. The department is following all the modern teaching strategies with student centered teaching as the center of all academic activities and has always been giving better results.
The department of QEC and R&D has also been playing their part. QEC has been working on student and teacher’s evaluations diligently and have been communicating results to the faculty members for the improved academic quality and excellence whereas R&D has been producing quality research and has been promoting students as well as the faculty members to indulge in research projects pertinent to the needs of the society and country. With over 2600 books, library at BDMC is in the process of digitization. All the data has almost been uploaded onto the cloud based software. The library is updated on annual basis and is also under the process of subscribing national and international research journals. The library is also under the process of establishing an audio visual section to further aid the students in the learning process.

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